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1954 Crew Reunion


1954 Stanford Crew - 50th Reunion 

     On the morning of October 23, 2004, I returned to Stanford for my 50th Class Reunion.  Not many of those
at the reunion showed up for my photograph below, although more showed up for the official photograph.


     Crew members of the Class of 1954 met at the new Stanford Rowing and Sailing Center at Redwood
Shores.  For me, it was the first time in 50 years.


             Wayne Dow, Bill Greninger, Stan Lewis, Dixon Smith, Bill Allen, Bill Findlay, Pete Paup, Jim Stockton.
                                                                          Allen Dailey


                                                                [click on above image to enlarge]
Pete Paup (Cox), Allen Dailey (#8), Bill Findlay (#7), Stan Lewis (#6), Bill Greninger (#5), Bill Allen (#4), Austin
Shoemaker '06 (#3), Dixon Smith (#2), Justin Brown '08 (#1).  Stanford Rowing and Sailing Center in background.

     What you see above is a cardiologist's "dream": mostly 72 year-olds rowing in a high tech, hyper
carbon fiber, starboard-rigged shell.  The coxswain has a Cox-BoxTM (headband microphone, a mounted
amplifier/timer with speakers throughout the boat) and a tiny tiller is integrated in a fixed fin under the
shell immediately behind the cox. 
     50 years ago, most shells were made of wood, had steel riggers and were only port-rigged (you had
to row port if you were a stroke [#8]); there was a much larger hinged tiller at the tip of the stern; and the
cox had a headband megaphone (had to shout) and a mechanical stop watch hanging from the neck.






















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