Up Ty Chiot Stanford Crew Kona Rides


 CHIOT (she-o)

    aka: Lil Pawz Look N For The Good Life

       AKCTR81588201     Pedigree   
       AVID: 014*009*023
       Dob:   27 October 2008
       Dod:    9 January 2018
       Sire:   Ch. Lil Pawz El Destello TR47136002    Photo Pedigree    aka: Sparky  
       DamCh. Lil Pawz Venus N Jeans By Zujero TR29809002  Photo Pedigree    aka: BJ, Shingo
       Breeder: Dennis & Elaine Cirimele, Lil Pawz Havanese
       Tulajdonos: Linda & Wayne


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     7 January 2018


     Ten Years



     Six Years


     Thirty-Three/Thirty-Five Months                                                             Forty-Eight Months
                     Elaine's photo of Tinker and Chiot                                                                                             One month after my haircut       



     Nineteen Months
                                                                                                                Meeting Lucky, my brother


     Eighteen Months
                                                                        Meeting a new friend - can you believe he weighs 100 pounds more than I do?



     Fifteen Months 


     Fourteen Months


      Thirteen Months


     Twelve Months



     Eleven Months


    Ten Months


    Nine Months



     Thirty six weeks




    Thirty four weeks

          Trying to catch the water as it hits the ground from oscillating sprinklers is a lot more fun than recovering from surgery

     Twenty six weeks


     Twenty four weeks



    Twenty weeks



     Sixteen weeks



     Fourteen weeks


     Twelve weeks



     Ten weeks



     Seven Weeks



     Three weeks



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