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   Addie S Hut (Cabin) and Mineral Claim
      Elevation: 10,930 feet               Location: N 37o 53' 28"  W 107o 43' 7"
                                                                          Milepost 79.9
Million Dollar Highway, US550, San Juan County, Colorado

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         March 24, 1883. Red Mountain Pilot  "THE ADDIE S. Another Big Strike Below Red Mountain City.  Ten Feet of Solid Material
             Already Uncovered.
 Lying between the Turkois and Blue Bird, about 100 yards north of the Silver Ledge, is a fraction of a claim,
             which has every indication of soon rivaling that famous mine.  It was located early the present month and is owned by Alf. Iles, of
             Silverton, and William J. Shiek, of Denver.  At the narrowest end of the claim it is between fifty and seventy-five feet wide, but it
             gradually widens until, at the northern end, it is nearly if not quite the regulation width.  We visited the mine on Thursday and found an
             open cut about ten feet across and two men working on a solid breast of mineral which extended from one side of the cut to the other,
             and no signs of wall on either side.  The ore is galena and copper and resembles very much the ore from the Silver Ledge, and there is
             every reason to believe that a little more development will show fully as large a body of mineral as is now exposed in that wonderful mine. 
             Mr. Iles, one of the owners, is now making arrangements to put up the necessary buildings, when he will put on two shifts and push
             the development of this promising property.  He expects to be ready to commence shipping ore by the time the wagon road is
             completed to Red Mountain City.  Put the Addie S down for twenty-five tons a day this summer.  [page2] There are three mines within
             a half mile of Red Mountain City -`the Silver Ledge, Turkois and Addie S - which will ship 100 tons of ore per diem after May 1st."

             March 17, 1883, page 2.  Red Mountain Pilot  "The Blue Bird, owned by Jack B and others, is located on the big glow-out, on the east
             side of the Addie S.  We understand Durango capitalists have offered to take a sixty day bond for $10,000 on the Blue Bird.  Alfred
has one of the finest prospects in the District, the Addie S.  It is located at the southern limits of Red Mountain City, between the
             Blue Bird and the Turkois, on the same blow-out as the wonderful Silver Ledge.  W. J. Shiek, of the Denver Fire Brick Company, is
             interested with Mr. Iles in this valuable property."

             March 31, 1883. page 2. Red Mountain Pilot  "The assessment has been finished on the Addie S, and now Mr. Iles, the superintendent,
             has put a force of men to work on a cross-cut, which will tap the vein within thirty feet.  Cabins are now being erected, and after this week
             two shifts will be run regularly."

             March 3, 1883. page 2. Red Mountain Pilot  "Alf. Iles, one of the pioneer prospectors of the District and an old-time "print", has been
             with us all week, assisting in getting the Pilot in running order. We have no doubt he will long remember our interesting experience of
             issuing a newspaper under difficulties."

             "...Sawmill operators began setting up operations all over Red Mountain country in the early summer of 1883.  Blair & Quimby were to set
             up a sawmill near the Addie S cabin on the Mineral Creek side...  Even Thomas C. Graden got into the act, shipping sawmill equipment
             to be set up near Congress in June..."2



                           Red Mountain City (Congress Post Office), July 1883
                           (same view direction as photo from inside cabin below)













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