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 Favorite Places
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 Ka'upulehu on Kahuwai Bay
             Elevation: 6 feet                            Location:  N 19o 49' 51"  W 155o 59' 5"
Webcam                         Ka'upulehu on Kahuwai Bay, Island of Hawaii



 Red Mountain Pass
              Pass Elevation: 11,118 feet      Pass Location:  N 37o 53' 137" W 107o 42' 99"
                                                                                             Million Dollar Highway, US550, Ouray/San Juan Counties, Colorado


 Mountain Belle Hut (Cabin) and Mineral Claim
                Elevation: 11,500 feet                  Location:  N 37o 53' 183"  W 107o 42' 451"
                                                                                       San Juan County Road 14, Colorado



 Addie S Hut (Cabin) and Mineral Claim
               Elevation: 11,000 feet                 Location: N 37o 53' 28"  W 107o 43' 7"
         Million Dollar Highway, US550, San Juan County, Colorado



 Victor Mill Site on Canyon Creek
              Elevation: 8,800 feet                    Location:  N 38o 0' 15"  W 107o 41' 31"
                                                                                      Camp Bird Road, Ouray County Road 361, Colorado


              Elevation: 7,900 feet                  Location:  N 38o 1' 32"  W 107o 40' 17" 
Webcam                   US Hwy 550, Ouray County, Colorado


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