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Welcome to Wayne Dow's Web Site

          Here you'll find information about the people and places that are most important to me.  This site is actually Part 6 of the series, shown below.

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   Genealogy Links - Mine and Other's
      Places Links
bulletPart 1 - Ancestors of Gerald Wayne Dow
bulletPart 2 - Ancestors of Linda Elaine (Vanatter Plaisted) Dow
bulletPart 3 - The Book of Dow and The Dows of New Brunswick
bulletPart 4 - Reflections on My Life and Times
bulletPart 5 - 2nd Lt Harry Robert Roth, 2nd Lt Columbus "Doc" Savage
and The Men of the 27th Bomb Group (Light) [27th Bomb Gp (Lt)]


bulletKa'upulehu on Kahuwai Bay
bulletRed Mountain Pass
bulletMountain Belle Hut (Cabin) and Mineral Claim
bulletAddie S Hut (Cabin) and Mineral Claim
bulletVictor Mill Site on Canyon Creek



     Views From My 38th (Top) Floor Corner Office
At Ground Zero In Earthquake Country


                                                 SL Comparison article



    Favorite Places


Nearest Thing to 'Paradise' I Have Found, at  historic
Ka'upulehu on Kahuwai Bay - now 'Paradise Lost'


                          Deck view from Addie S at Red Mountain Pass


    My Stanford Mascot









      Military Service
             ACICV and NCICA


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